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Edel CoffeyEdel Coffey talks about how she came to write her heart-wrenching Breaking Point in our exclusive video interview.

We learn about the truths and untruths around Multiple Personality Disorder, meet a brilliant debut crime writer, and find out how a contemporary car can help a crime writer – or a thief.

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Video interviews in previous issues include conversations with

Val McDermid

Lee Child

Cathy Ace

Mark Billingham

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Lin Anderson

Just what is Crime Fiction Fix magazine?

Crime Fiction Fix is a digital magazine for everyone interested in mystery and crime fiction writing. Each issue includes at least one substantial exclusive video interview with an outstanding crime fiction writer, together with a number of shorter articles to provide you with a regular ‘fix’ of crime fiction and mystery writing information and news.

Exclusive Video Interviews with Authors

  • Ever wanted to meet your favourite crime writers?
  • Do you wonder where those characters you love first came from?
  • Would you like to receive first-hand writing advice from successful authors?

In each issue of The Fix we include an exclusive video interview with an outstanding crime writer, writers such as Lee Child, Val McDermid, Clare Mackintosh, to name but a very few. In these interviews, these authors generously share with us details of their writing lives, where they find their ideas, how they go about their craft and a whole lot more. These wide-ranging conversations, often taking place in the writers’ own studies, bring readers even closer to the authors they admire and cast new light on the mystery stories they love. For crime fiction writers, established and aspiring, they provide an invaluable resource of insights and advice into the art and craft of writing.

Insights from Experts

  • Just what is forensic archaeology?
  • What’s the best time of year to publish your book?
  • Where to turn to research the details of your plot and places?

These are just a few of the questions answered by our generous team of experts, drawn from every walk of crime fighting and crime writing. Specialists in private investigation, forensics, ballistics, legal procedure, publishing, marketing, and, of course, writing, share their understanding and expertise with our readers in detailed and varied articles in each issue of Crime Fiction Fix. Whether your a devoted crime fiction and mystery reader, fascinated to know what goes in behind the scenes in law enforcement and book writing, or you’re an established or aspiring crime fiction mystery writer looking for help and support, each of these articles is interesting, informative and enjoyable.

News and Reviews

At The Fix we are passionate about letting our readers know about budding new crime fiction and mystery writers fresh to the scene, and so each issue features a New Kid on the Block. We are proud to have featured such outstandingly successful authors as Clare Mackintosh, Karen Dionne and Andrea Carter when they were barely a twinkle in the publishers’ eyes. A brilliant way of keeping abreast of the best, month in, month out.

The crime fiction and mystery writing community is extraordinarily vibrant, with conventions, conferences, meetings and get-togethers running almost the whole year round, from Anchorage to Adelaide. How to keep track of all the events, and to select the ones you absolutely don’t want to miss? Simple – every issue of Crime Fiction Fix contains details of all upcoming conferences and conventions for the coming three months, with links so that go right ahead and book the ones you want to attend.