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What we are

 A digital subscription crime fiction magazine

  • Available for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • An extensive archive of back issues accessible to annual subscribers.
  • Each issue contains a substantial, intimate, exclusive video interview with a well-known crime fiction writer (Meg Gardiner in Issue#1), giving insights into their lives, their writing and their working methods.
  • A magazine full of original articles and insights on all aspects of crime fiction writing and real-life crime fighting.
  • Accurate, up-to-date information on upcoming conferences, competitions and events in the crime-writing world.
  • An invaluable resource for all crime fiction writers and readers everywhere.

Who we’re for

Anyone who’s passionate about crime fiction, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or a bit of both.

How we’re different

There are scores of superb magazines and blogs out there, in print and online, dedicated to celebrating crime fiction. We are proud to stand alongside them, but also to offer something completely new – exclusive information, expert insights and technical support for the crime fiction writer. Open and interesting to all, Crime Fiction Fix is especially dedicated to making the craft of writing crime fiction more accessible, enjoyable and well informed.

What you can get

Issues can be bought singly, or you can purchase an annual subscription. Annual subscribers have automatic full access to the whole of the back-issue archive. 

In each issue you receive

Letter from the Editor

Updates and insights from Sarah Williams, editor of Crime Fiction Fix and author of How To Write Crime FictionHer other books include the historical thriller Small Deaths.

Featured Speaker

An exclusive video interview with an outstanding contemporary crime fiction writer, exploring how they write, why they write and what they hope their readers will take away from their books.

The Back Story

A short article by the Featured Speaker in which they select a passage from one of their books and explain why they wrote as they did and what they were looking to achieve.

Expert Insights

A detailed article by a specialist in their field, whether it be crime writing, crime fighting, publishing or book marketing. Varies in focus from issue to issue – always interesting, always valuable.

New Kid on the Block

An introduction to a debut author who we feel is worth watching.

Convention Report

An account of a recent crime-writing conventions, with all the details of what went on in the meeting rooms and on the panels, what prizes were on offer, who was shortlisted, and who won what. The next best thing to being there yourself.


Details of forthcoming crime-writing conferences and conventions around the world, with links direct to their sites, so that you can immediately make a booking.

Next Issue

A look forward to the forthcoming issue, together with an always catchy and quirky ‘Before You Go’.