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What we are:

An online crime-fiction writing magazine and membership forum.

You won’t have seen this before, because it’s new:

  • You get to ask technical questions about forensics, police procedure and legal process and be answered, authoritatively, by experts in their fields.
  • Each issue contains a substantial, intimate, exclusive video interview with a well-known crime fiction writer (Meg Gardiner in Issue#1), giving insights into their lives, their writing and their working methods.
  • A magazine full of original articles and insights on all aspects of crime fiction writing and real-life crime fighting.
  • Accurate, up-to-date information on upcoming conferences, competitions and events in the crime-writing world.
  • An invaluable resource for all crime fiction writers and readers.

Who we’re for:

Anyone who’s passionate about crime fiction, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or a bit of both.

How we’re different:

There are scores of superb magazines out there, in print and online, dedicated to celebrating crime fiction. We are proud to stand alongside them, but also to offer something completely new – exclusive information, expert insights and technical support for the crime fiction writer. Open and interesting to all, Crime Fiction Fix is especially dedicated to making the craft of writing crime fiction more accessible, enjoyable and well-informed.

What you get:

Subscriptions can be by issue or for 12 issues at a go, whatever suits you best. It’s £3.50 per issue, or, when you take out a subscription at £35.00, you get 12 issues for the price of 10.

Every month you will receive:

Letter from the editor

Updates and insights from Sarah Williams, editor of Crime Fiction Fix and author of How To Write Crime Fiction

Featured-speaker_WEB_smallAn exclusive video interview with an outstanding contemporary crime fiction writer, exploring how they write, why they write and what they hope their readers will take away from their books. This feature will include special offers on the latest books by the featured speaker.

Expert-insights-WEB_smallA short article by a crime fighting specialist, be it a forensic anthropologist, an arson expert, a serving member of a police force… All experts in their field who can provide invaluable insights and information into real-life crime for the crime-fiction writer.

Ways-with-words_WEB_smallAdvice from an expert on how to achieve a particular effect in your writing, whether suspense, uncertainty, shock – or simply explaining what has happened in the plot without boring your reader… Sometimes we know exactly what we want to do in our writing, but have no idea how to achieve it. This section will provide you with a whole range of strings for your writing bow.

Members'-showcase_WEB_smallAn extract from the work in progress of one of the Crime Fiction Fix subscribers. Everyone is welcome to submit their work with a view to being selected and showcased here.


The way the law works can be fascinating – what it can do, what it fails to do, how it varies from country to country. Here lawyers, solicitors, barristers and magistrates tell tales from the courtroom to inspire, illuminate and, occasionally, astonish.


It’s always good to learn about fresh young talent. Here we will feature new writers and their works, with special offers on their books available.


Where a crime-fiction writer takes us through a passage from one of their books, explaining why they wrote it the way they did, and what they hoped to convey to the reader through the way in which they wrote. An invaluable practical analysis for all crime fiction writers, whatever stage they’re at.


How long would it take a body to decompose in chalky ground? Can you take DNA from insects that have fed on a corpse? How strong would you have to be to strangle someone? How would a police officer on the beat respond to cries for help from a darkened alleyway? Crucial questions for the crime fiction writer, but it’s not always easy to get accurate answers. Here you can send in your questions, and we will do our very best to find the answers, or to put you in touch with an expert who will be able to help. An invaluable resource for anyone wanting to get their facts absolutely right.


CFF news button

There is so much happening in the world of crime fiction in the UK, in the US, in Europe and across the world. Here we will give you an overview of all the conferences, conventions and workshops we have been able to find out about which will be running over the coming three months, together with their websites and booking details, so that you need never miss a crucial event ever again.


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