Crime Fiction Fix Issue #23 includes:

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 Ben Aaronovitch

Watch this exclusive video interview with the multi-talented Ben Aaronovitch, creator of the Rivers of London series and much more besides, as he shares invaluable insights into the nature of writing.


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A pile of scripts 

In this, the second of Candy Denman’s articles on writing for TV and film, Candy speaks of her experience in writing film scripts, and the different stages your script needs to go through before it ever reaches the silver screen.


Fresh Blood


Our New Kid on the Block section celebrates stunning début author Elizabeth Mundy.


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Las Vegas Massacre

Courtesy New York Post

When a mass tragedy strikes, footage from first responders, journalists and those caught up in the disaster can provide invaluable evidence as to just what happened, where and when. Learn about this fascinating new branch of forensic investigation in Issue#23.



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